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HDMI 1.4v HD wires seven new features

1, HDMI Ethernet Channel (HDMIEthernetChannel, HEC)

HDMI1.4 version of the HD line will add a data channel to support high-speed bi-directional communication. Interconnect devices that support this feature can send and receive data via Fast Ethernet, which can meet any IP-based applications.

HDMI Ethernet Channel will allow Internet-based HDMI devices and other HDMI devices to share Internet access, without additional connect an Ethernet cable. New features will also provide a connection platform that allows sharing of content between HDMI devices.

2, audio return channel (AudioReturnChannel, ARC)

The channel can be reduced and processing and audio transmission up the cable quantity needed to play. In the case of high-definition television directly receiving audio and video content, this new high-definition television channel allows the audio through the HDMI cable directly transferred to the A / V Receivers, without another one cable.


The new specification will define common 3D formats HDMI devices and resolutions, standardized home 3D system input and output section, up to two 1080p resolution video streams.

4, supports 4K × 2K resolution

HDMI device supports HD resolution will reach 4K × 2K, four times the current 1080p, capable, and many digital home theater with the same resolution transmission content.

The specific format: 3840 × 216024Hz / 25Hz / 30Hz; 4096 × 216024Hz

5, expanding support for color spaces

HDMI technology will support designed specifically for digital camera color space, including sYCC601, AdobeRGB, AdobeYCC601, can display more accurate color fidelity when connected to a digital camera.

6, MicroHDMI mini connector (minihdmi)

The new interface MicroHDMI around now than ordinary 19-pin connector is 50% smaller, you can bring up to 1080p resolution support for portable devices.

7, automotive connection system (AutomotiveConnectionSystem, ACS)

An in-vehicle HD content for cable design specifications, can avoid the influence of heat, vibration, noise and other auto interior common environment, but also for car manufacturers transfer HD content in the car provides a practical solution