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USB 3.1 devices come out later this year: an amazing 10Gbps transmission speeds reach

After years of efforts, USB 3.0 is now universal, regardless of ability or power transfer speeds than USB 2.0 has significantly improved, but it is certainly not the fastest, Intel's lightning speed of 20Gbps interface already. As further to catch up to the USB 3.1 interface task should it - new interface speeds up to 10Gbps rates, but also provide the highest output power up to 100W, and related products are expected to come out later this year.

The current USB 3.0 is SuperSpeed (location of the interface can usually see SS initials), USB 3.1 interface called SuperSpeed + ,, which is based on the improvement in USB 3.0 comes first, from the current rate of 5Gbps interface upgrade to 10Gbps, reached the level of the first generation of lightning interface, although lightning than 20Gbps 2 interface to be still lagging behind, but the level of performance 10Gbps faster than most of the SSD.

The second point is the ability to upgrade the power supply, USB 2.0 supply current is 0.5A, USB 3.0 to 0.9A, about 4-5W of power output, and USB 3.1 specification provides up to 100W output power, so strong enough to push the power supply capacity devices like a laptop. Of course, this is not simply a 100W power supply output to strengthen the existing USB interface can be achieved, output 5V / 20A of the current USB cable too hard, to achieve an output of 100W USB 3.1 interface is bound to the other make changes in the specifications.

In addition to these two major improvements, USB 3.1 interface also done a lot of user-friendly improvements continue compatible with USB 2.0 interface, C-type interface canceled foolproof design, do not distinguish between positive and negative, no longer have to worry about "so wrong plug, so plug it No, this is inserted on the right of the "embarrassment.

USB 3.1 standard-setting standards for almost a year, but now only a maximum of media presentations, and related products have to wait until the end of this year, the first should come out just 10Gbps speed devices that support 100W power output of the product remains to be seen, after all, before the relevant Demos are not many, but the popularity of USB 3.1 will take years.