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"Machine substitutions," or will swap out a low-cost high-quality cable industry

In the manufacturing industry to upgrade demographic dividend requirements and background decline, local government launched the "machine substitution" strategy.

And our mechanical electrical wire and cable industry is second only to automobile manufacturing industry's second largest industry, currently facing rising labor costs, decreased worker loyalty, expertise and strong sense of responsibility; equipment utilization rate industry low labor productivity, material input and output is low; poorly managed, long production cycle; traditional high consumption, high emission and low efficiency of the extensive mode of economic growth has not fundamentally change, low resource utilization, environmental pollution, etc. many problems, and "machine substitutions" strategy or to solve these problems.

For the cable industry "machine Substitution" is in fact already the voice continued. Far East Energy Corp. wisdom (enterprise referred to as: Far East Energy wisdom; stock code: 600869) Jiang Huajun Jiang Huajun, managing director, said the rising cost of labor has become an important Chinese Entrepreneurs Survey difficulties encountered in the current business, reduce cable production factor in labor costs without delay.

Director of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center wire and cable Wu Changshun said, from peacetime samples detected, resulting in failure due to material failure of wire and cable products account for about 40%, about 20% of process equipment, human factors accounted for 40%. The current line of wire and cable industry personnel and cultural level, professional quality worrying, if the first-line technical staff, however hard, to improve the quality of products easier said than done? Product quality is made out of wire and cable production line so improve the quality of personnel is necessary. Wu Changshun that the use of sophisticated production equipment can make the operator is not high quality defects.

In addition, a special cable plant responsible person in an interview that the cable network, to change because of quality problems caused by human factors can be solved by increasing the level of automation. Poor environmental positions using "machine substitutions", it does not have any bias and never know fatigue. This may require greater investment, but to reduce labor costs, product quality is assured.
In rising labor costs and machine costs decline, the possibility of a robot to replace the manual to be optimistic. And upgrade its domestic manufacturing fit, intelligent manufacturing as highlights of "Industrial Revolution 4.0" increasingly popular in the country, many companies also have to layout and achieve results.

Cable Group Zhejiang, a group of around a new charter, a cable machine, cage stranding machines and ancillary equipment to come on stream. Cable companies in the group workshop, a heavy-duty horizontal around the charter are operating at full capacity, the winding speed by traditional equipment rose to 36-38 per minute Mitty 10-12 meters, three times the efficiency. This is equivalent to the same amount of orders, the original need to invest 3 3 production line workers, now just one production line a worker.

"Substitution machine" does not entirely mean massive layoffs, but the labor-intensive, high security risk, environmental pollution, labor and employment and more jobs for machine substitution, replacing the first cut from the simple, repetitive jobs. "Machine Substitution" bring direct benefit is to enhance labor productivity, allegedly, there Wenzhou shoe production machines can be implemented at night, the lights are not even open.

China is now in an economic downturn and the rapid development of the intersection of science and technology, while facing the problem of rapidly rising labor costs, improve the technological content, add value to the products is a way to upgrade in the future. For wire and cable industry, "machine substitutions" to automate the transformation of production, is to promote the wire and cable manufacturing industry to reduce production costs and improve the level of technology, product quality, equipment utilization, shorten the production cycle, to achieve an important force in the transformation and upgrading, while for the wire and cable business in exchange for low-cost and high quality. In short, the "machine substitutions," sooner or later have to do as early as late change to change, change early morning ahead of others.

(Source: cable network)