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Desan Wire 2014 Will Celebrate The Year-end Banquet

Ruby to thank all the staff and hard work of the third-party supplier of the year, I Division in February 1, 2015 year-end banquet was held in 2014 to celebrate Jin Nuo International Hotel !

2014 Desan Wire Co. for Ruby is a very unusual year, too many of our harvest in this year!

During the year, Desan Wire Co., Ltd. invested a lot of money, and actively introduce advanced machinery and equipment, to further improve the industrial structure!

During the year, Desan Wire Co., Ltd. has always maintained close contact with the market, increase research and development, has developed a variety of absolute advantage in the industry of high-tech wire!

During the year, Desan Wire Co., Ltd. adhere to high-tech wizard, successfully applied for a number of high-tech patents, and many others, it is difficult to enumerate!

12:00 Banquet start on time, the first Desan Wire Company Ltd. Mr. Ye Jiangxing gave a warm and inspiring New Year speech, his own personal experience, for example, expressed his sincere gratitude to the parties, but also made right across the company all my colleagues in the new year expectations!

Ye Xing Jiang, chairman of the New Year speech delivered

Then guests Xie Hua Sheng Electronic Wire Co., vice president of the delegates expressed their Desheng Wire Co., Ltd. in the new year, best wishes!

Xie Deputy Chief Representative guest speakers

Ruby staff prepared a wonderful program for the year-end banquet event!

Silhouette highlights

Desan Wire Co., Ltd. has always adhere to the people-oriented management philosophy, in order to thank our employees for their hard work over the past year, the company has specially prepared a rich gifts and cash prizes number!

Desan Wire Co., Ltd. is like a big family, in this family united with each other in harmony, within the work of one mind, tacit; outside of work is no obvious leadership and staff of the points, live in love, like family ! This is what we were afraid of any difficulties and obstacles Ruby courageously guarantee before the trip!

On stage, Ye Dong close interaction with staff

Guests are coming for our activities graced the Beano, icing on the cake!

Yesterday's brilliant is to reward our hard work, more ornate chapter in the legendary Ruby who is waiting for us to write, smug face of the new year we believe that success is inevitable harvest Desan Wire Co., Ltd. belongs to us!